Top Things to Bring From Peru

When hearing the name of the country Peru the majority of people imagine Machu Picchu ruins. But Peru is also the country with the most diverse cuisine, fascinating nature and unique souvenirs. When the vacation comes to an end we usually start thinking what presents to bring home. In this case it will not be a problem because Peru offers a huge variety of souvenirs. 

 Top Things To Bring From Peru:

  1. Ekkeko
    In Inca mythology Ekkeko was considered to be a God of wealth. Nowadays these porcelain male figures are brought home and placed in the most honorable place to bring prosperity to the owner. It is important to clip banknotes to them and to believe in luck.
  2. Weavings
    Weavings embroidered with different pictures of local landscapes, animals and people in traditional clothes are one of the most traditional Peruvian souvenirs.  
  3. Sweaters
    Colorful alpaca woolen sweaters are usually sold per 15 $ for item, but the price usually depends on your ability and desire to bargain. Such sweaters have geometric patterns and are extremely loved by tourists. The sweater may be a great present for any of your friends and family members. Alpaca rugs and woolen hats are extremely popular as well.
  4. Woodwork
    Carvings of such local animals as llamas, alpacas as well as flutes and other music instruments are great presents from Peru. Especially if you have friends musicians they will appreciate a carved flute from Peru. 
  5. Jewelry
    Jewelry is the most popular thing brought from Peru. Here you may find any kinds of jewelry traditional and modern one both from gold and silver. San Isidro and Lima are the best places for jewelry shopping.
  6. A bottle of Pisco
    Pisco is a grape brandy produced in Peru, it is the main ingredient of such famous cocktails as Pisco sour, Pisco punch, Algarrobina and many others. Pisco sour however is the most popular one; it is prepared with lime juce and egg white. In Peru there is even a holiday called “Pisco Sour Day”. A bottle of Pisco sour at home will guarantee you a perfect homecoming party.

Useful Tips For Buying Souvenirs in Peru:

  1.  Do not buy any gifts near bus stops as prices there are usually much higher than in any other places.
  2.  Don’t be shy to bargain because this may save you lots of money. Prices on the tags are not the final ones, the price depends on you.
  3. Don’t let yourself to be tricked by numerous different discounts allowing you to buy twice as many goods.  Be aware of the maximum price you are willing to pay and don’t give in. 

There are a lot of shopping centers in Peru though keep in mind that the best place to shop in Lima is on the Indian market, in Cusco - near Plaza de Armas, there are numerous shops where you may find almost everything.